Announcing: Cottington Woods 2 - Starting Fall 2021

Cottington Woods 2: The Final Tale

New Campaign Starting Fall 20202
Running at Camp Eagle Pass, 38 Walker Road, Wales, MA

Announcing the "Cottington Woods 2: The Final Tale" Campaign, starting in Fall 2021!

This is a brand new campaign (using the Accelerant base system) with its own stories and plotlines, set in the Written World and within the Cottington Woods. It is a Dark Fairy Tale and Folklore Inspired genre, and while we hope to keep the feel of "common people dealing with the uncommon," especially in the beginning, expect there to be some Darker Tales told and the campaign to grow from Fairytale to Epic Fantasy in the course of this campaign.

Cottington Woods 2 is a campaign of interwoven stories. Our plots do intertwine with each other, and your character histories often form the basis and inspiration of the stories we tell. Character Histories are vital and we take delight in making them a part of the larger world. This is a campaign of places and quests and derring-do, of legends and folklore and myths, but most importantly, it is a story of people, of their loves and fears, wishes and losses. It is your story.


This is a complete and new campaign. You need not have played in Cottington Woods 1 (The Evil Fairy Queen Campaign) or Tales from the Cotting House, and while some of the people and places will obviously be the same in CW2, the plots and storylines we tell will be new.

That said: the final two Tales from the Cotting House events, running June 21-23 and October 4-6, 2019, serve as a bit of a prequel to Cottington Woods 2, even though they are their own distinct plotline ending with the Finale of Tales. Anyone planning to join CW2 would certainly benefit from playing, getting a chance to explore the world and your character, before the CW2 campaign starts. (But do not worry, these events will be recapped in the history going out for CW2, so if you do not play them, you will not be starting off at a disadvantage coming into CW2).

What about dates, rules, and character creation?

Our intent is to run 2 weekend events in the Late Summer to Late Fall Season of 2020 to kick off the final campaign, and then to run approximately 3 years, assuming 4 events a year. Just like with our original campaign, Cottington Woods 2 final length will be largely determined by you, our dear players, and the stories you pursue and weave.

Rules, history, and campaign details will be released after the Tales campaign has ended. It will be based on the current ruleset, but we will be making some changes to existing skills and introducing new ones. Please feel free to use the current character creation guidelines for beginning to decide which character you'd like to play, and beginning to build your histories!

Feel free to ask us questions at, or see below to join our Facebook and Googlegroups to ask questions there!

This IS the Final Tales Event; hence the name.

We do intend to end our journey in the Woods at the end of this campaign. For those who were with us in the beginning, CW2 is the "Mythical Fourth Year" (that fourth year plotline we had in mind that was the ending to Cottington but didn't quite fit with the Evil Fairy Queen plotline) we always spoke of, though expanded to become its own campaign. For those just joining us, as our players and cast can attest, the tale is truly shaped by you, so we cannot wait to see what you bring and how you will make our Final Tale all the more amazing.

Get Hyping and Talking!

We will set up a Hype page, but in the meantime, join our Facebook group to start talking about CW2!

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If you plan on NPCing, our NPC Cast group can be found here.

NPCing and Staffing:

We are also actively recruiting Permanent NPCs to join us in Cottington Woods 2, and we would like to be able to weave major NPC plotlines for you.

Even if you cannot commit to attending 3 out of 4 events a year, we would still love for you to join our NPC staff. We create "townie" roles for all of our NPCs.

If you are interested in becoming an NPC, Permanent or not, please drop us a line at

We strongly recommend filling out our NPC Survey to let us know your interests so we can work NPC role ideas in to our CW2 plans for you! Check out the survey here:

Even if you've filled it out before, please consider filling it out again for CW2, especially if your interests have changed, or you have new ideas for NPC roles.

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