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Community is the heart and soul of Cottington Woods, and we seek to foster a community that is warm, welcoming, and safe to all. If you plan to join Cottington Woods, know that you are joining a community of people, and we ask that you understand and uphold our values.

If there is something we can do to better support our community, please contact us and give us the opportunity to do so.

Stay in Touch

There are a few ways to stay in touch with the Cottington Woods community outside of the actual events:

Cottington Woods Google Group

While primarily used by Staff to communicate to Players, this is open-to-all group where Players and NPCs alike are encouraged to communicate, ask questions, and more. We encourage anyone planning on participating in Cottington Woods to join the Google Group, as all official communications will be made here.

Cottington Woods Private Facebook Group

We have a very active private Facebook group. where people ask questions and share pictures, ideas, memes, and more. We do tend to post announcements here as well, since so many of our community are active here.

Cottington Woods Discord Server

We have a fairly active Cottington Woods Discord Server. Please contact us if you would like an invite to the Server.

NPC Cast Google Group

If you are one of our NPCs, or plan on NPCing for us, we highly recommend joining our NPC group. This is where we will make announcements only for NPCs, provide NPC-only info and details for upcoming events, and where NPCs can ask questions of staff.

Community Values

(Read our values here)

Our community – Staff, NPCs, and PCs alike – has members who have chronic, invisible illnesses, have chronic, visible illnesses, are neuro-atypical, are LGTBQ+, are POC. We represent a diversity of thought and being, and where an individual may not be one of those things, they are expected to support and respect those who are. We are imperfect, but we strive to be and do good, and we collectively care deeply about the community we have here.

The Golden Rule may be a fairytale, but it is one we uphold: Do unto each other as you would have done unto you. Be nice. Be respectful. Love one another. Be the good you want to see in the world.

If you join Cottington Woods, know that are joining a community who all strive to be and do good while having fun together, and that we expect the same from you in return.

We do not tolerate hatred or harassment of any kind, full stop.

We reserve the right, without notice, to remove players violating our values from our community. Our priority is to maintain a safe and inclusive community, and we hold ourselves equally accountable to being the change we wish to see in the world, requiring constant vigilance, work, learning, and action.

Cottington Woods Copyright 2012
Designed by Jonathan Heard

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