Playtest Auction

These are the items currently available in the Silent Auction to be offered at the Playtest Fundraiser Event. We will update this list as new items are received.

If you are not attending the event but would like to make a bid, please send an email to with the item(s) and bid amount(s). We will put your bid in for the item and will notify you by email if you win. We will post the list of winners after the event.

If you would like to donate an item to the auction, please contact us at

Auction Items from Our Sponsors - Thank you!

  1. Wire-Wrapped Pendant. See it here.
    Donated by Wyrding Studios.
  2. Red Dragon Tapestry. See it here.
    Donated by Xeph-Ink.
  3. Boffer Staff.
    Donated by Xeph-Ink.
    Current Bid: $20 (Alison G.)
  4. Adventurer's Shirt. See it here.
    (Note, if you need a different size, you can exchange it with them for one in your size. Just keep the tag on the shirt and we'll help you make arrangements to exchange it.)
    Donated by Threads of Time.
  5. Cottington Woods themed Wire-Wrapped Key Pendant. See it here.
    Donated by Silver Owl Creations.
  6. Custom Costume to your Specifications for Only Materials Cost
    Donated by Lydushka's Completely Custom Costumes
  7. Hair Snood
    Donated by Lady Guendalina's Closet.
  8. "Pathfinder Startup Set" - containing one Pathfinder core rulebook, one Chessex battlemat (one inch grid on one side one inch hex on the other measuring 23.5" x 26") and one Pathfinder Battles: Heroes and Monsters miniatures box. Retails for $140.
    Donated by J.R. Fortin, owner of Shadowgear Comics.

Auction Items from our Players, Staff, and NPCs - Thank you!

  1. Full Color Character Art - fully colored, one character portrait with simple background.
    Done by the awesome Erin S. / Gianajho. See examples on her Deviant Art site.
    Current Bid: $20 (Alison G.)
  2. Custom handmade leather mask - I can do animals, plague doctors, elementals, and am willing to work with the winner if they have a different idea. This mask can be made to customer specifications including subject matter, shape, size, color, and finishing treatments. While almost anything is possible, Cindy does reserve the right to renegotiate if the request is improbable or inappropriate. An example mask can be seen here. For other examples of Cindy's art, visit her Facebook page.
    Donated by Cindy M.
    Current Bid: $30 (Alison G.)
  3. Leather Pouch with Leaf detail.
    Donated by Anakin B.
  4. 2 Claw Reps.
    Donated by Sean C.
    Current Bid: $50 (Paul F.)
  5. Custom-made weapon of the winner's choice. One-handed weapon with detailing and/or design. If the auction goes to $45, this could be a basic 2-Hander or Polearm weapon. If the auction goes to $80, this could be a basic 2-Hander or Polearm with detailing.
    Donated by Sean C.
    Current Bid: $20 (Paul F.)
  6. Custom Leather Bracers, lace-up with two colors. Can be further customized at winner's choice at materials cost.
    Donated by Tucker L.
  7. Renaissance/LARP top and skirt
    Donated by Michelle N.
  8. 388 yards of handspun yarn for all your crafting needs! See it here.
    It's approximately worsted weight, though this varies a bit due to the fact that it's handspun and therefore not perfect. The dominant color is a deep blue with touches of red, green, and purple throughout. It is very soft, and though I can't be more specific about fiber content than saying it's wool, I suspect that there might be some merino or blue-faced leicester because of the long staple length.
    Donated by Bess L.
    Current Bid: $25 (Deena W.)
  9. Wizard Mirror. It's about 15 inches tall and looks like pewter with a wizard and book surrounding the mirror in the center.
    Donated by Randy G.
  10. Full Color or B&W Character Art by Beth Friedman - anime or comic-book styled. One character portrait with simple background.
    Some examples of her artwork:
    Donated by Beth L.
    Current Bid: $20 (Alison G.)
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