Music Popular in Cottington Woods

The following are just some of the songs popular within the Cottington Woods:

The Cotting House

A song about the Cotting House and various exploits that occurred in the area from 2012 to 2016

Company of the Heart

A song written by Talsyn about then-High Prince Aaron and his Companions: Aleena Crofter, Prince Roderick Collamoor, Talsyn, and Amelia Airheart. It is said that the song was also written as a gift to High Prince Aaron and Aleena, who had fallen in love, as a reminder to cherish what they had. High Prince Aaron was betrothed to Princess Gloria of the Diamondlands at birth.

I Once Had A Sweet-Heart

A distressing song, that comes and goes in popularity, to the tune of "She Moved Through the Fair." It is an old, old tune.

Hey Ho to the Greenword

A song popular among the Woodslanders and those who journey into the Woods.

Now O Now I Needs Must Part

Another essay on the failing of love, by J. Downland

We Dreamed Our Dreams

An old song on lovers separated, attributed by some to Aidan Hazelswitch, recently popular again.

What If A Day

A whimsicomelancholic essay on the pointlessness of advent??ring, generally a????ibuted to the Spadelander Thos. Campion.


torchsome tune bereft of lyric, title, or accredited author. Point of origin unknown; possibly Cotting House.

The Cotting House (song)

Audio Recording (MP3)

Once up on a time in the middle of the woods, lay the
stones of cottington, where the
old way wandered and the wolves did hunt, and the
fair folk had their fun.

Then one day a man came by.
Cleared the trees, hung a tavern sign.
People settled in as time went by, 'round the
house at Cottington.

The old wood wept at the swing of evry blade, so it
pressed the folk in tight. It
woke up the trees to steal away the road, and the
wolves closed in to fight.

Then a fairy came to teach, a
spell to save the people's home.
Four plants sown to heal the breach, o'er the
house at Cottington.

Five priests passed on a pilgrimage, with
holy tales to share, but a
shadow crept in close behind, and
truth was twisted there

The folk tracked down each truth and tale
healed the frayed and twisted ends
bound the book and chased the shade, from the
house at Cottington

Here's a tale 'bout how a
stone, in a wood, became a
a house, became a town, cause the
world shakes every day, but the
homes were built to stay, so roll the

dice, make a move, don't look
back and Don't regret, 'cause we're
living in the choices that we make.

Kingsman Edward, Frostwroth slain Muse and Mountain, Fire and Rogue, all mayhem, bound to jester lord, to kill, till paid, in seven souls.
Then the folk unbound the horde Freedom to each slave restore, and death to deathless fairy lord, brought death to Cottington.

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