Adventure Day Raffle

These are the items currently available for the Raffles to be offered at the Adventure Day & Fundraiser Event (click there for more information). We will update this list as new items are received.
You will be able to purchase Raffle Tickets, and will be able to put those raffle tickets in the drawings for any of the below items. Each item will have its own raffle bucket.

If you are not attending the event but would like to purchase raffle tickets and enter the raffles, you may order a Tales Print (Thank You Card) from Tales from the Cotting House below, and receive entries into the raffle. Please include in the comments which item(s) you are placing tickets for, and how many ticket(s) for each item (if putting tickets towards more than one item). We will post the list of winners after the event, and contact you if you win.

Tales from the Cotting House Print (Thank You Card) + Tickets

To make a donation to the raffle, go here to sign up and tell us what you are donating. If you are a Tales player, you will receive CP for each donation. Or please contact us at, especially if you would like to become a Sponsor and donate an item. If you are looking for ideas of what to donate, here are examples of donated raffle items from the Cottington Woods fundraiser.


All Items/Gifts in our Raffle:

Items from Our Sponsors - Thank you!
  1. $25 Gift Certificate to Lusty Leather.
    Donated by Lusty Leather .
  2. Red Dragon Tapestry. (see it here)
    Donated by Xeph-Ink / LARP Hack.
  3. Hand-made Quilted Table Runner or Banner/Wall Hanging, with option to customize
    Donated by Nana Carol's Quilts
  4. $30 Gift Certificate to Auntie Arwen's Spices.
    Donated by Auntie Arwen's Spices.
  5. "A Cottington Picnic" - a dozen cookies, a loaf of bread, cheese, lemonade and brownies, plus plates etc for four
    Donated by Laughing Oak Bakery
  6. Full Color Character Portrait (here's a sample character portrait)
    Donated by A Valley of Stars

    Raffle Items from our Players, Staff, and NPCs - Thank you!

  7. Custom Hand Painted Silk Banner, Small Scarf, or Shawl (here are samples of past scarves she's made)
    Donated by player, Bess L-S of Shimmering Silks
  8. "Foam Upon The Sea" Necklace - Pearl, Aventurine, Swarovski Crystal with Copper Accents
    Donated by player, Hillary C
  9. "Needle Felted Wood Stick Dolls" (total of 2) - perfect for those playing Witches, or for those who love felted crafts
    Donated by Staff member/Plot Writer, Alysha H
  10. $50 Gift Certificate to Historical Emporium
    Donated by Staff member/Plot Writer, Matt M
  11. Character Sketch - a pencil or charcoal sketch of any character of your choosing
    Donated by GM, Michelle
  12. "The Written Word" Gift Basket - sealing wax kit, calligraphy pen and ink, 25 pieces of parchment paper, and a leather journal in a packing cube you can use for LARP packing (pictures coming soon)
    Donated by the GMs, John & Michelle
  13. "Mad Hatter's Tea" Gift Box - blooming tea set in bamboo box (pictures coming soon)
    Donated by the GMs, John & Michelle
  14. "Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These" Gift Basket - sleep mask (with removeable gel insert for hold/cold therapy for headaches & more) & ear plugs in a pouch, Sleepytime tea, and Epsom Salt Bath Saths to soothe those aching LARP muscles & send you to sleep - in a packing cube you can use for LARP packing (pictures coming soon)
    Donated by the GMs, John & Michelle
  15. "The Woods Are Lovely..." - Tree of Life Tapestry (green) (pictures coming soon)
    Donated by the GMs, John & Michelle
  16. "Warm Feet" - battery-powered reusable shoe inserts (pictures coming soon)
    Donated by the GMs, John & Michelle
  17. Knitted Mermaid Tale blanket (pictures coming soon)
    Donated by the GMs, John & Michelle
  18. Folkwear #128 Russian Settler's Dress Pattern (new in package) (see here)
    Donated by Staff Member, Lise F.

    Cottington Woods Special Raffle Items

  19. Personal Vignette Event Teaser
    • Grand Prize(1): Personal Event Teasers for length of Campaign
    • Minor Prizes(4): Personal Event Teaser for 1 Event of Your Choosing
  20. IG Snippet of Info
    • Grand Prize(2): You will start each event with a snippet of info - be it a rumor, a minor dream, or some insight, similar to a passive Info Skill and tailored to your Character.
    • Minor Prizes(4): You will start with a snippet of info for 1 Event of Your Choosing
  21. Double Event/Cleanup/PEL CP
    • Grand Prize(2): Double Event/Cleanup/PEL CP for your First Year
    • Minor Prizes(4): Double Event/Cleanup/PEL CP for your First Event
  22. Raise CP Cap by 10 CP (equivalent to 2 CP in most Accelerant games)
  23. Bonus 15 CP (equivalent to 3 CP in most Accelerant Games)
  24. Pick a Fairy Tale or other Story to Become an open-to-all Tales Plot Line (2)
    This will not be a personal plot line, but one that is open to all players. This auction just gives you the opportunity to name a story you'd like to see in Tales and like to see how our Staff takes inspiration from it and changes it around. Once picked, the Tales staff will twist it in the way we do and make it a part of Tales, so we cannot promise it will be exactly like the story you selected (but will be enough that you will recognize it). If you choose something we were already doing as a plotline, we will let you choose a different story. This is intended for Players or NPCs of Tales, but is open to all.
  25. NPCs of Tales: Create an NPC to play in Tales (1)
    Have an idea for an NPC you've always wanted to play? This will allow you to propose an NPC to Plot Staff, and we will work with you to create the NPC for the game, to act either as a "townie," a module hook for a planned plotline, or to create a minor plotline around. The idea still must work within the context of the campaign, but this will be an NPC of your choosing.
  26. NPCs of Tales: Create a Module (1)
    Always had an idea for a module, but never had the time to be a fully devoted Plot Staff Writer? Want to give it a try? Win this raffle, and Tales Plot staff will work with you to allow you to write a module in Tales. The module must still be approved and conform to our game world, but we'll work with you to give you the chance to try running a LARP mod.

FOR SALE: Influence Tokens! - This is not an auction item, but rather a sale item. We will be offering Influence Tokens for the Merchant Board for sale during the Adventure Day ($5 per token). You can put these influence tokens on different aspects of the Written World and on various "themes" of tales to influence the direction that Tales will go. Every influence token placed will be taken into consideration.

Tales from the Cotting House Print (Thank You Card) + Influence Tokens


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