Cottington Woods Adventure Day / Fundraiser / Vendor Faire

Date & Time: Sunday, May 14, 2017, 11am-5pm
Location: Camp Eagle Pass, 38 Walker Road, Wales, MA
Cost: $40 for PCs, $20 for Fundraiser/Vendor Faire Attendees Only, free for registered Tales NPCs

The cost covers our site (which is on a per person basis) and equipment rental fee for the day, as well as needed items to run the event. If we have enough attendees, the remaining fees goes towards the fundraising for Cottington props, costumes, and other startup costs (such as annual insurance, annual storage fees, site deposits, etc).
We will be able to accept Credit Cards and PayPal payments onsite for those who will be purchasing baked goods, raffle tickets, auction items, etc.

For Players and NPCs of Tales, this is a chance to experience some adventure mods and playtest the rules changes, as well as try out different character builds.

For Vendor Faire Attendees, this is also a chance to come and socialize, and to get ahead of your LARPing / Ren Faire shopping by seeing (and buying!) the goods of the Vendors/Merchants/Crafters present, buying some great baked goods, and hanging out with a great group of people.

Everyone attending is welcome to participate in the Raffle to win great prizes, bid on hand-crafted items in our Silent Auction, purchase yummy food from our bake sale, and shop with our Vendors!

Our event has been sponsored by some great local businesses!
Thanks to Damsel in this Dress, Meloria Maille, Liddle Druid, Silver Owl Creations, Orion Leather, Loot Drop Crafts, Lusty Leather, B3 Imagination Studios, Nana Carol's Quilts, Xeph-Ink/LARP Hack, Auntie Arwen's Spices, Laughing Oak Bakery, and A Valley of Stars for your help!

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| Preregistration | Information on the Event | Schedule | Earning CP | Sponsors |


If you plan on attending, even if you are paying at the door, please preregister for the event here .
Preregistering helps us by knowing how many people to expect, what scenarios we can set up, and whether we need to include more than one repeater mod.
Note that this is just a "letting us know you are coming" form, and not a "paying for the event" form (which you can do below).

Please register as a "Player" if you wish to go on any of the Mods or Playtest Fights as a player with either a premade build or one you design. You do not have to already be a player in Tales to do so. You can certainly try it out as a player, and spend a fun day with your friends trying out characters. (If you are a Player in Tales, please register as a Player.)


You can prepay for the event either by PayPal or by mail. Click below to pay directly with PayPal, or send your registration fee to If paying by another method, please contact us at

Preregister Now with Paypal
Tales from the Cotting House - Adventure Day Registration

Mail a check for $40 if attending as a Player, and $20 as a Faire Attendee. Contact us if you need the mailing address.


Note: Click on underlined text to open up more content
Why Should You Attend the Event?
  • For our Players - You will earn CP for Tales from the Cotting House
  • For our registered Tales NPCS - You will earn CP for a participating Accelerant Game (such as Aralis, Ascendant, Clockwork Skies, Crossover, Draconis, Fifth Gate, Isles, LIONE, Madrigal, Numina, Occam's Razor, Shadowvale, Future Imperfect, NERO: Fables of Fenorra, NERO: Volta Campaign)! Most games are offering full one-day event CP for attending!
  • For Faire Attendees - get a head start on your Ren Faire and/or LARP shopping for the season! We will have local craftsmen and vendors here ready to show off and sell you their goods!
  • Try out your Tales from the Cotting House Character Build when you're hooked onto your first Tales Mod. That's right, we're running several repeater Mods at the Playtest!
    • Put your Puzzle and Problem solving skills to the test when you find yourself in Wonderland
    • Experience the Slumberlands, and help a fellow Dreamer
    • Go on an adventure to a far off place
    • Aid the Riding Hoods by fighting the wolves of the Woods
    • Crawl through a Rat Tunnel (rogues mod)
    • Go on a Tracking MiniQuest, make the MiniCodex, and other games
  • Participate in different Playtest Scenarios to help us test and and refine the game rules. Get a chance to play all the headers, and try different sklls! Get some fighting practice in while you're at it.
  • Buy Raffle Tickets to win great gift baskets and other prizes!
  • Bid in the Silent Auction to win lots of cool items!
  • Purchase Influence Tokens for the Merchant Board and influence the direction of the Tales we tell (every token placed will be taken into consideration)
  • Shop for costumes, jewelry and other items from local vendors
  • Participate in panels and discussion groups, with topics such as how to write a (Cottington Tales) character history, how to write a PEL, meet the Staff & ask your Questions about the Written World, and more
  • Buy some great food at the Bake Sale!
  • Help raise money to get Tales from the Cotting House started, and keep event costs low
  • Find out what Tales from the Cotting House is all about... and earn CP for your favorite game while you're at it. (Did we mention the CP?)
Repeater Modules & Playtest
Yes, you heard correctly. Cottington Woods Staff is planning on running several Small Repeater Mods at the Playtest, as well as Playtest Fights. Why? To allow potential players to try out their character builds, and also experiece a little bit of the flavor of Cottington Woods. This will also allow us to try out some other skills than just combat, and we thought it would be more fun than just various fighting scenarios.
To answer some questions:
  • Do you have to be a potential player of Cottington Woods to run through it?
    No. However, preference will be given to those who ARE planning on playing Cottington Woods. And obviously we'll need NPCs for the module!
  • Only one repeater mod?
    Honestly, this will depend on attendance numbers. If we get a large prereg for the Playtest, we will consider adding a second repeater mod to the Playtest Event. So encourage your friends to come!
  • Oh no! I don't have any costuming yet!
    That's fine! We certainly encourage players to where something "Vaguely In-Game," but we don't really expect full costumes. Throw something together if you like, but we can all pretend that your shorts and t-shirt are a great costume if need be. We want everyone to be comfortable at the event.
  • Are you going to make NPCs where masks or makeup?
    No. I mean, unless you really want to. We will have costuming and makeup available, but will try to keep it light for the event.
  • Is this Mod really happening to my character In-Game?
    It is up to you! You can use this as an adventure your character had prior to arriving in-game in the Woods if you wish, or you can just enjoy it as fun. Given that histories & concepts are not yet approved, and individual characters will come to the Woods in their own way and most will have not yet met, we are encouraging you to just have fun with this rather than have it be truly in-game so that your meeting with other players can occur in-game. However, if you are coming into game with a group of people and go through these mods, you can take it in-game as you wish. Do let us know after, in your PELs.
But on to the Important Stuff: How Do I Earn CP??

There are many ways to earn CP from the event!
To begin with, you will earn CP just by attending the event as either a Player or an NPC. As an NPC, you may choose to earn Cottington Woods CP, or CP for a participating Accelerant Game: (Aralis, Ascendant, Clockwork Skies, Crossover, Draconis, Fifth Gate, Isles, LIONE, Madrigal, Numina, Occam's Razor, Shadowvale, Future Imperfect, NERO: Fables of Fenorra, NERO: Volta Campaign).
If you are a Cottington Woods player, you must register as a PC, even if you choose to "npc" for us, or if you choose not to play your character on any of the mods. You will earn CP for Tales, regardless.
If you are not a Tales Player, but you register as a PC, you can either choose to apply it to Tales after (should you decide to become a Tales player), or earn NPC credit with a participating game (such as Aralis, After Dark, Clockwork Skies, Occam's Razor, Fifth Gate).

You can also earn CP by donating to the Raffle, Silent Auction, Bake Sale, or Yard Sale (see below).

Okay, but how much Cottington CP is that?
Cottington's CP scale is about 5:1 to the average Accelerant Game. So attending the Playtest, you will earn 5 CP for attending, 2.5 CP for Cleanup, and 2.5 CP for submitting the feedback form, for a total of 10 CP.
You can also earn Tales CP by Donating items to the Raffle, Silent Auction, and Bake Sale.
What Donations Can I Make to Earn (Additonal) CP?

There are many different ways to earn additional Cottington Woods CP for participating in the Fundraiser. To donate, go here to register your donation.
Here are the ways you can help out (click on each underlined item for more information):

  • Raffle baskets
    We are putting out a call for people to donate gift baskets for us to raffle off. We will offer a minimum of 5 CP per basket. Please let us know the approximate value of your basket and what's in it; we may offer more CP if the basket is expensive or elaborate. Ideas for baskets include, but are by NO MEANS limited to:
    • Brer/Golem Makeup Basket
    • Fairytale Character (or Story) Themed Basket
    • Basket of spell packets
    • Spa basket
    • Tea basket
    • Snack basket
    • Duct Tape Rainbow weapon-making supply basket
    • Parchment & sealing wax basket
    • Cottington Woods inspiration book/movie basket
    • Jewelry-making/beading basket
    I'm sure you can think of many I can't. Anything that might appeal to larpers... or people in general... is welcome, and no basket idea is too small, so long as you think someone might buy a raffle ticket for it. To donate a raffle item, go here. Or send us an email to
    Click to see list of items that are currently available for the raffle.
  • Silent Auction
    We are seeking donations for a silent auction (and offering CP for them). Maybe you're a crafter who might be willing to offer up something you made. Maybe you have a service to offer, like custom weapon making, sewing, or portraiture. Maybe you have something cool and in great condition in your attic that you don't need and might make a good silent auction item. To make a donation to the silent auction, go here. Or send us an email to CP amounts will vary based on the item that is donated, but will be at least 5 CP per item.
    (If you already offered something, we will try to be in touch with you shortly, but it would be absolutely lovely if you could ping us again at that address just for purposes of central information organization.)
    Click to see list of items that are currently available for the auction.
  • Bake Sale
    We will have a bake sale. If you'd like to donate some baked goods, we offer 5 CP per double batch (or per 2 single batches). To donate a raffle item, go here. Or send us an email to Also, we could use someone to help organize/run the bake sale.
  • LARP Yard Sale
    Do you have costuming, gear, or other items that you no longer need and would like to sell? Bring them to the event for a LARP Yard Sale. If you are a Tales player, you can earn CP by donating the item to the Yard Sale. If it sells, the proceeds will go to Tales, and you will earn half the selling price in CP as will the buyer. If you are not a Tales player but want to help out, donate the item. If the buyer is a player, they will earn the full cost of the item as CP, and the sales money will go to Tales. (We will also be open to a 50/50 split of the proceeds; please contact us to arrange). If the items do not sell, they will be returned to you at the end of the day. To donate a Yard Sale item, go here. Or send us an email to
  • Discussion Panels
    The event includes a number of breakaway sessions/panels in which larpers with much experience in a given area offer up their advice, expertise, tips, and general knowledge/lore for those interested in getting more into a particular aspect of larping... whether you've been larping for 20 years and want to stretch in a new direction, or are a total newbie.
    Topics will hopefully include:
    • Character history design (general and for Cottington Woods)
    • Writing a Good PEL
    • Meet the Staff & Ask the GMs your Questions
    • Overview of Tales, style of play, and more
    If you are interested in volunteering to be on a panel, feel free to email We don't want the panels to get too huge, so if it's already full, we may have to gratefully decline. We will offer 2.5 CP per panel.
  • Vendors / Mini Craft Fair
    We'd like to offer crafters and merchants the chance to sell their wares at the event. Bring your own booth, table, blanket, whatever. We debated how to handle this, so we're offering vendors a choice. Vending is a $30 fee, with all proceeds going to Cottington Woods props and costuming of course. We're happy to accept the $30 fee up front, but we also know that there's always the question of whether it will be profitable for you or not. So here's the alternative we are offering: Come set up your booth and offer your wares. Give Cottington 10% of your sales up to a maximum of $30. For example, if you sell nothing, it costs you nothing. If you sell $100 worth of goods, you only give us $10, but if you sell $300, you give us $30. If you sell $1000 worth of goods, you still only give us $30. Sound good? If interested, please contact us at
    (If you want to earn CP for Cottington or another Accelerant Game, however, you would need to pay the event cost of $30 in addition.)
    • Current Vendors who will be at the event:
      • A Valley of Stars - character portraits, jewelry, soaps, and other accessories
      • Loot Drop Crafts - chainmaille jewelry and costuming
      • Nana Carol's Quilts - hand crafter quilts, including banners, table runners, blankets, shawls and more
      • We are currently confirming if LARPHack/XephInk will be in attendance
  • Games
    We hope to have some fun and likely silly games of chance and skill available. These currently include a Tracking MiniQuest, a Codex MiniQuest, and more. If you have an idea for a good game and might be willing to run one, or help run one (mostly think things you would find at, well, a fundraiser carnival), well, running a game is worth 5 CP. Email us at if you might be willing to volunteer!
  • Cash Donations
    As this is a fundraiser, we will also be accepting cash donations for CP, though we strongly encourage raffle, auction, bake sale, potluck, and panel donations as those help us raise money to purchase props, costumes, weapons, and other start up costs as well. We will offer 1 CP per $5 donated. Please contact us at if you wish to do this.
How much will Raffle Tickets, Baked Goods and other things cost, and how do I pay onsite?

We will accept Cash, Credit Card, and Paypal payments at the event for goods purchased. For those who wish to pay by Credit Card or PayPal at the event, we will be giving everyone a purchase card to record what you acquire throughout the day (such as raffle tickets, baked goods & drinks purchased, auctions won, etc.) and will "check you out" at the end of the day, so you only need to worry about making one single purchase at the end of the day.

Raffle tickets will cost: $3 for 1; $5 for 2; $10 for 5, $20 for 12
Auction items will vary based on the winning bid
Baked Goods will start at $0.50 and go up from there.
Yard Sale items will have a set price, determined by the seller.

How much do I participate in the Raffle if I cannot attend the event? I want to win something!

You do not need to attend the event in order to enter our Raffle! To enter the Raffle, first purchase Raffle Tickets. In the description, tell us (1) what items you wish to put tickets in for, and (2) how many tickets towards each item. Every raffle item has its own ticket pool.

To see what Raffle items are up for winning, and to purchase tickets, please go here: Raffle Items!

How do I bid on Silent Auction items if I cannot attend the event?

If you cannot attend the event, but want to to bid on a Silent Auction item, you can certainly do so! Send us an email to with the following information so that we can act as a proxy on your behalf:
* Your Name
* Your PayPal Address (to send invoice to if you win)
* The item(s) you wish to win
* For each item: (1) your starting bid amount; (2) your maximum bid amount; and (3) the increment by which you wish to increase your bid
* If there is an item you really really want to win, and want to be contacted at 3:45pm before the end of the silent auction if your max bid is outbid to consider whether to bid higher, please provide us the means we should contact you at that time and we will do so.

We hope that the Adventure Day Fundraiser will be a very fun time for everyone involved! We're all very excited, and we hope to see all of you there! Thank you in advance for your support.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Please note: Even if you cannot attend the event itself, you can still help out (and earn CP!) by donating items to the event. Please contact us and we can make arrangements to get the items (or you can make arrangements with those attending). You will also be able to purchase raffle tickets, and other such things in advance of the event.

Thank you all again. We look forward to seeing many of you on the 1st of April!

Schedule of the Event

This is our intended schedule of events at the Adventure Day. This is subject to change, and equally subject to "LARP time."

Time In-Game Events Out of Game Events / Panels Vendor Faire
Arrival & Setup
PC & NPC Check-in Opens (can arrival early to help with setup)
Into A Story: The Cave of Wonders
Wonderland: Down the Mouse Hole
Sticks & Stones Fights (as desired);
Mini-Quests (Tracking & Codex)
Ask the GMs Questions
& Discussions on Writing a Character History in Tales
Buy Raffle Tickets
& Bid in the Silent Auction

Vendor Booths are Open! Time to Shop!

Food and Bake Sale table open
Meet the Tales Staff
& Lunch Break (buy food at the Food & Bake Sale!)
Wolf Hunt (Field Battle)
Zombies in the Witch's Garden (Battle with Mechanics)
Sticks & Stones Fights (as desired);
Mini-Quests (Tracking & Codex)
GMs at Battles to Answer Questions
Into the Rat Tunnels (A Rogue Mod)
Ring Around the Dreamer: A Slumberlands Mod
Ask the GMs Questions
& Discussions on Writing Good PELs

Raffle Drawing & Auction Winners Announced
GM & Staff Discussion: Overview of Tales, Character Creation, PELs, and More.
Final Chance to Ask the GMs Questions.


Those who help with Cleanup will get CP, our undying gratitude (so that we can go home too!),
and the opportunity to keep talking with Staff/GMs and asking us questions! :)

Sponsored by you! And by...

The businesses below are all small businesses local to New England who are gratiously donating items to our auction and raffle to help get Tales from the Cotting House off to a great start. They rely on LARPers like us for their livelihood, so when you're thinking of your Tales Costumes, Jewelry, Accessories, and more, please consider purchasing from our Adventure Day Fundraiser Sponsors below. And thank you to our Sponsors for helping us out!

| Auntie Arwen's Spices | B3 Imagination Studios | Damsel in this Dress | Laughing Oak Bakery | Liddle Druid | Loot Drop Crafts | Lusty Leather |
| Meloria Maille | Nana Carol's Quilts | Orion Leather | Silver Owl Creations
| A Valley of Stars | Xeph-Ink / LARP Hack |

Auntie Arwen is well-known in the SCA(Society for Creative Anachronism) for her spice blends - from food blends, salts, spices, rubs, and more to beverage blends, teas, and coffees. She has well over 300 custom blends, and will work directly with you to create custom blends. You really need to try her spices - they will transform your cooking! And for those of you Tea Fanatics (like me), she has dozens and dozens of tea blends, and will even create a custom blend for you to sample based on your preferences. Auntie Arwen's Spices is donating a $30 gift certificate to our Raffle so that you, too, can see how amazing her spices are!


B3 Imagination Studios is the creation of Ben, Allysum, and Kat - crafters and LARPers here in New England. They offer a MakerSpace for local crafters to create and produce goods, but they are perhaps best known among the LARPing community for their high quality Weapons, Shields, and Bows. B3I is donating a packet bow to our Silent Auction!


Damsel in this Dress makes amazing, figure-flattering corsets that are super comfortable to wear. You've probably seen them around - they are very popular among us LARPers! "We have been in business for over 12 years, racking up hundreds of thousands of hours of experience, skill, education, and refinement in the corset making process. Going to festivals and trying corsets on tons of women has helped us to shape out patterns to beautifully fit a woman's shape, and we thrive on customer feedback for quality suggestions and fitting requests! We've worked hard to build our reputation and have learned a lot along the way, but in the end, the products speak for themselves. When there is a customer that comes in wearing a 10 year old renaissance bodice that still looks new, that is pretty dang awesom!" Want a Damsel corset of your very own? They are offering a CUSTOM TO YOUR SIZE 2-item Mystery Box containing 1 Underbust Corset and 1 additional item (could be a skirt, blouse, vest, accessory, etc) for our Silent Auction!

Erin of Laughing Oak Bakery is not only a fellow LARPer, but perhaps one of the kindest people you'll ever meet - her motto, "Love Baked In," couldn't be more true! For those in the know, her baked goods are already a staple of the LARPing community, in high demand for every event. She's donating a "Cottington Picnic" - a dozen cookies, a loaf of bread, cheese, lemonade and brownies, plus plates etc for four - for our Raffle.

Niki of Liddle Druid is a fellow LARPer and a leather/textile crafter extraordinaire. Check out her website, as she makes a wide variety of leather goods and leather/textile costume pieces, accessories and more. A handmade Leather Scroll Case from Liddle Druid will be in our Silent Auction prizes!


Abrihette of Dragon's Opus is a fellow LARPer who makes beautiful chainmaille jewelry and custom costuming. She was a Cottington Woods player, too! She has donated a beautiful "Mobius" Chainmaille Necklace to our Silent Auction, and will also be onsite - stop by to check out her beautiful pieces.

Lusty Leather is well-known in the LARPing and Renaissance Faire circles of New England as creators of fine leather goods - from bodices and cinchers, to frogges and pouches, to accessories such as hair pieces, mess kits, and more. They have the perfect things to add that distinguising touch to your character. They will be donating a $25 gift certificate to our Raffle!

Heidi of Meloria Maille is not only a local business, but a fellow LARPer. She makes one-of-a-kind chainmaille jewelry, accessories, and other items. Be sure to stop by to check out what she has to offer, as she will be at the event selling! In addition, a Meloria Maille pendant will be available in our Silent Auction.



Nana Carol makes beautiful hand-crafted quilts, from blankets to wall-hangings. These are the perfect things to decorate your cabin, or to snuggle up in on a cold LARP event (not to mention adding a little in-game decor to your bed!). Contact her by email here. A hand-made quilt tablerunner or banner is yours to win in our Silent Auction!


Shawn MacAulery (owner) and Sammy Eddy of Orion Leather make beautiful handcrafted leather items: belts, masks, armor, pouches, headgear, and more - all the things you need to deck out your LARP character. A custom made, horror-inspired Leather Mask by Sammy will be yours to win in our Silent Auction.

Sammy will also be making masks for the Afer Dark LARP, a New England Gothic Horror LARP, starting in November 2017. Attend their Playtest on July 7 at Eagle Pass.

Kendra is a fellow LARPer who makes beautiful wire-wrapped jewelry. Silver Owl Creations sells steampunk and fantasy wire wrapped antique key jewelry, braided wire bracelets adorned with leaves or crystals, swirling colorful earrings, and other wire wrapped or sculpted wire adornments with a steampunk, fantasy, or faery flair. A custom, Cottington/Tales-themed pendant will be available to win in our Silent Auction!


Azyzl and Vespa are incredible artists and LARPer who makes amazing character portraits, custom artwork, and a variety of accessories from homemade soaps, pendants, LED crystals, and more. They will be attending at the event, so you can meet them in person and buy some of their great stuff. Win a full color character portrait from them in our Raffle!


Xephyr is well-known among the New England LARPing and Ren Faire crowd. Xeph-Ink sells original Celtic Tapestries, Cloaks, and quality LARP gear and jewelry, while LARP Hack sells boffer weapons and reports on the latest goings on in the New England LARPing community. They are well known for their comprehensive LARP Calendar. A Red Dragon Tapestry from Xeph Ink will be available to win in our Raffle!

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