Adventure Day Auction

These are the items currently available in the Silent Auction to be offered at the Adventure Day & Fundraiser Event (click there for more information). We will update this list as new items are received.

If you are not attending the event but would like to make a bid, please send an email to with your name, your PayPal email address (for invoice if you win), the item(s) and bid amount(s) - including (1) starting bid, (2) maximum bid, and (3) increment by which you want bids to increase (say $1, or $5). We will put your bid in for the item, act as your proxy during the event, and will notify you by email if you win. We will post the list of winners after the event.
If you wish to be contacted if your maximum bid is exceeded at around 3:45pm before the auction closes to consider increasing your bid, please include in your email how we should contact you.

To make a donation to the silent auction, go here. Or please contact us at If you are looking for ideas of what to donate, here are examples of donated auction items from the Cottington Woods fundraiser.

Auction Items from Our Sponsors - Thank you!

  1. Chainmaille Pendant. (See here)
    Donated by Meloria Maille.
  2. Custom Packet Bow. (Item Image Coming. Sample here.)
    Donated by B3 Imagination Studios.
    Current Bid: $20
  3. Chainmaille Necklace - "Mobius." (See it here.)
    Donated by Loot Drop Crafts.
    Current Bid: $5
  4. Handcrafted Leather Scroll Case. (Item Image Coming.)
    Donated by Liddle Druid.
    Current Bid: $5
  5. Handcrafted Leather Mask. (See it here.) -- Added Bonus: An Exclusive After Dark Teaser!
    Donated by Orion Leather.
  6. Cottington Woods themed Wire-Wrapped Key Pendant. (Item Image Coming.)
    Donated by Silver Owl Creations.
  7. "Damsel in This Dress" Underbust 2-Item Mystery Box
    Donated by Damsel in this Dress and Staff member, Erica G
    Current Bid: $25

    Auction Items from our Players, Staff, and NPCs - Thank you!

  8. "Needle Felted Wood Stick Dolls - Designed as your Character or as you choose" - perfect for those playing Witches, or for those who love felted crafts
    Donated by Staff member/Plot Writer, Alysha H
    Current Bid: $15
  9. Crocheted circle shawl in your choice of colors and size
    Donated by Staff member, Niki R
    Current Bid: $20
  10. "The Tree of Jewels" Necklace - Moss Agate, Aventurine, Swarovski crystal with glass and quartz, brass accents
    Donated by Player, Hillary C

    Tales from the Cotting House Special Auction Items

  11. Pick A Fairy Tale to be a Plot Line
    Have a story you always wanted to see play out in a LARP? Pick a Fairy Tale, Legend, Myth, Tall Tale, or other Story that you would like to see made into a Plotline at Tales. This will not be a personal plot line, but one that is open to all players. This auction just gives you the opportunity to name a story you'd like to see in Tales and like to see how our Staff takes inspiration from it and changes it around. Once picked, the Tales staff will twist it in the way we do and make it a part of Tales, so we cannot promise it will be exactly like the story you selected (but will be enough that you will recognize it). If you choose something we were already doing as a plotline, we will let you choose a different story.
  12. Personal Event Teaser Vignettes
    At the start of each game, you will receive an event teaser personally tailored to your character.
  13. IG Snippet of Info
    You will start each event with a snippet of info - be it a rumor, a minor dream, or some insight, similar to a passive Info Skill and tailored to your Character.
  14. Double Event CP for your First Year
    You will receive double the event, cleanup, and PEL CP for your first year

FOR SALE: Influence Tokens! - This is not an auction item, but rather a sale item. We will be offering Influence Tokens for the Merchant Board for sale during the Adventure Day ($5 per token). You can put these influence tokens on different aspects of the Written World and on various "themes" of tales to influence the direction that Tales will go. Every influence token placed will be taken into consideration.

Tales from the Cotting House Print (Thank You Card) + Influence Tokens

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